Red Sox Chick- I hate the Ynkees but how can you say Mauer is more deserving than Jeter, at worst its a wash..They both dont hit for much power,they have high batting averages and play important defensive positions..Thats just being anti-Yankee, which I would normally have no porblem with if you werent a red sox fan.. » 9/22/06 10:33am 9/22/06 10:33am

The people that hate the Mets, hate N.Y. period. The Mets havent won anything in 20 years outside of getting to a WS and losing to the Yankees, if that counts. » 9/19/06 11:00am 9/19/06 11:00am

Someone tell Craig Bolerjack that the five yard line is not the endzone..I heard "headed for the endzone" all day in the LSU game but only one pass was thrown in there all game » 9/16/06 7:53pm 9/16/06 7:53pm

I had never heard of this until now..The comments by Rocco Sigfredi (sp?) were hysterical. I think its gold..and if Kyle Orton is getting in then this is. CHARLES IN CHARGE! » 9/01/06 4:14pm 9/01/06 4:14pm

I love how we rip on people for not liking theri teams and then rip on people for liking their teams, we're equal opportunity here and I like it. » 8/31/06 1:03pm 8/31/06 1:03pm